2014 update, FINALLY!! In all my years of driving around this county looking at pools, I have never seen such dilapidated ones as I have lately. I understand the bad economy hit most of us hard and a lot of things got neglected. I understand the need to prioritize and spend hard earned money wisely. Almost every pool I see has tile issues caused by cracking. The problem is exacerbated when this cracking gets completely ignored and tiles start falling out. Now is when things start getting expensive. This is the price you pay when you ignore stuff. Luckily, there are many bottom feeder pool outfits ready to help you for a case of beer. I am not one of them. If you see a crack, fill the crack. Simple.


Moving on, a month or so ago I had a conversation with a customer and he mentioned that my website ‘sucked’. I agreed with him. Believe me, I have many pretty pictures I could post of all the pretty pools I transformed. I have many satisfied customers who would give testimonials and give up a little of their anonymity. Guess what? All this takes valuable time and energy I don’t have. I do everything around here and piddling around on my computer to satisfy the needs of a potential customer for pretty pictures of work I have done is not one of them. Trust me when I say that if I wasn’t a competent cement and tile artist I would not be getting referrals from some of the most reputable people in the industry around here. For over 35 years I have been elbows deep in cement. I have been writing my own paychecks for the last 27 years. I am a tile and cement man, it is what I like to do, and I am good at it. I have to be. I am prioritizing. Yeah, my website sucks. So what. My customers are happy and that’s all I care about.



Pro-Cite is located in southern Brevard County Florida which includes the communities of Melbourne, Palm Bay, Viera, Suntree, Satellite Beach, Indian Harbour Beach, Indialantic, Melbourne Beach, Eau Gallie, West Melbourne, Malabar, and most of the Space Coast.

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