2011 wrap-up

Ugh!! I am so glad this year is almost done. Worst year since I started Pro-Cite 24 years ago in the terms of pools completed, not total revenue. Why is that you may ask. Mainly because my prices were higher than in previous recessions. What I realized back then was that if you don't actually make a profit and put that money away, you scramble uncomfortably (like I did) to pay the bills when the revenue stream slows to a trickle. I was always afraid to lose jobs to competitors over a few dollars. All seemed right because I was working steadily and the bills got paid. If I didn't raise prices when I did, I would be out of business right now, like so many others. It's one thing to endure a year or so of a slow economy, but this one has been eating away at everyones surpluses for several years now. So many pool guys are finished right now because they were always the low bidders, undercutting everyone else, and generally working just to pay last months bills. Currently, there are numerous contractors bidding jobs that way. They are practically giving it away. No way are they making a profit, they are just creating cash flow to pay off previous months obligations. Who knows how long this economy will stay depressed. What I know for sure is the writing is on the wall for those cheap pool guys. Sooner of later, they will eventually be out of business. So, if anyone out there reading this and considering hiring one of these guys, forget about that warranty. You may think you are shrewd by getting a "deal" from this guy, but chances are great that he will be cutting as many corners as possible and will probably try to up sell anything and everything to make additional dollars from you. Don't get fooled.

Update on my acid startup treatment. SUCCESS !!!!!!!!!  For two years we have been doing this and our pools have never looked better. It's a keeper! 

Finally, I want to thank every customer for their business. It means a lot that pool owners trust me to give them a superb finish without the drama. I'd also like to say thank you to the Melbourne Pinch-A-Penny stores that refer their customers to me. Without honorable people like Moe, Sheila, Frank, Cindy, and all my smart customers, I would seriously consider selling popsicles instead!

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