Oh where, oh where have all the good pools gone? I knew this economy was going to get ugly but not this bad. Almost every single pool I've looked at in the last 8 weeks was green. And when I say green, I mean algae growth so bad you cannot see three inches into it. I ask, how am I suppose to judge the existing condition of the cement if I cannot see it? I have to assume the worst, of course. Even if I get these jobs, I have to go swimming in it to access the ground water plug in the main drain before I can fully drain it. Yikes! Then I have to pressure wash everything and I certainly get slimed again. Sweeeeet. The last time I did that I had hives for almost a year! Obviously, it's been at least a year since I've repeated that joyous day, so I'm not getting these jobs. I pity da fool who is doing them, especially at a fraction of what I would charge. When I get a inquiry now, I go to the property appraisers web site to get a location and an aerial photo of the pool. Depending upon the severity of what I see, I may not even bother with it. The last thing I feel like doing is driving across the county in my gas guzzler work truck to decide how badly I want hives again. Thanks, but no thanks. Come on people, a little chlorine wouldn't hurt ya!

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