It's A Money Thing

The doldrums of summer are here. Typically, the hottest summer months are the time people do NOT want to resurface their pool because simply, they want the kids OUT of the house! The kids can enjoy the pool regardless of spot etching, thin spots, hollow spots, and stains. The pools I've been doing lately belong to older customers whose kids are older or out on their own, and since it only takes three days to re-do a pool with me, down time is at a minimum. Usually summer months are a nice break from the busy months of the spring. But, this spring was different because the economy is so tight that sales were down. Yup, everything I predicted and wrote about last year was true. Today's shoppers don't want to spend money at all, and if they have to, then they want a deal! Luckily, my cement suppliers have dropped their prices and I factor that into today's quotes. But, sometimes that's not enough with some people. In fact, these are the same people that get into trouble with low-ball contractors. Sometimes they ignore the warning signs that are always present when dealing with smooth-talking salesmen that promise quality and satisfaction along with their low budget price. Recently in the news, there was a pool contractor in very deep water for taking money and not completing jobs. To go along with it, some work already done had to be re-done because of incompetence. All the blame was put on this contractor for being unscrupulous. But, what about the warning signs? This guy hadn't been established in the area for any reasonable length of time, and he didn't do any of the work personally. BUT, his price was rock-bottom. Apparently, these people who fell for this guys sales spiel took the risk and got burned. They need to assume some blame for taking a big risk with their property and their money. The system to protect consumers is already in place. There are lien releases available. There are consumer bureaus that store complaints. There is access to contractors licensing and insurances. Licensed contractors pay dearly in fees for renewals and permitting, constantly jumping through hoops for legitimacy. But, for every contractor who promises prime rib at a hamburger price, there are 100 TIMES that amount of consumers who will take the bait. Why? It's a money thing. People can be stupid. They get no sympathy from me.

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