Scurvy Dogs!

Boy, how things have changed around here in the last few years. When property values kept rising while interest rates lowered, money was flowing to contractors and trades people. Homeowners grabbed it with both hands and spent it like they stole it. Not only did we see a proliferation of Hummers on A1A, we saw the emergence of numerous start-up companies making money right off the bat without paying their dues. Of course, anybody who has been in business long enough saw the writing on the wall, and a reversal was in store. If you weren't smart enough to see what was going to happen and put some money away, times will become very desperate for many people, and that time is here! Now, I'm no genius by any stretch of the imagination, but being in business for myself for over twenty years, I have personally weathered several of these business cycles. Yeah, I've kissed a lot of hard-earned dollars goodbye in these learning years making bad decisions, like expanding during shrinking economies. Ugh! I remember, back in the day (You can always tell your age whenever you use that phrase), I was only one of a few companies that resurfaced pools. Most new pool construction and service companies wouldn't touch it. Since then, everybody and his brother do it now, and many of them are newer companies that have never experienced a slow economy like the one we are in. And it will get worse before it gets better too! So, what is a young, new business owner with employees and payroll taxes going to do when his bills come due and he can't pay some of them? Uh huh, been there, done that. Yup, these are trying times for those guys, and their prices are the first to drop, along with laying off people. First of all, that means unemployment is going up, which puts strain on everyone. Second of all, even if a sale is made by lowering the price, much less money is made to pay all those bills. A slow bleed for sure. That may sound dandy to a homeowner that he has pool resurfacers calling them up AFTER they came out to bid on their pool, only to give them the NEW price with some gem of an excuse like "We are doing another pool in your neighborhood and can save money by leap-frogging between jobs". Of course, that other pool doesn't exist but who cares? Dandy? I don't think so. Sure, a few hundred dollars can be saved by the homeowner, but he has to wonder how much longer his contractor will be able to stay in business doing this, and whether he will be taking short-cuts on his pool, or if that all-important warranty has no worth. It's not just the younger companies operating like this now. Two of my biggest and oldest competitors used to be a thousand or more dollars ABOVE my price, ALWAYS! This year they are the same or less than me. Bottom line is that doing business with any contractor, new or old, that cannot maintain a stable and reliable pricing structure for his future customers cannot be trusted to maintain a stable and reliable work environment for his past and present customers. A contractor who gouges during the good times and cuts corners in the bad, is a scurvy dog, and we are surrounded.

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