From the Hole

Ok, what does it mean when someone in the pool business "comes from the hole"? We refer to the "hole" as an empty pool. When you actually construct pools, you pretty much spend most of your time inside the darn thing. That's where all the hands-on experience is learned. So, if you actually work or have worked on constructing or remodeling pools, you are said to "come from the hole".  That's a very good thing, by the way. Way too many pool businesses are run by people who have little or no actual "in the hole" experience. Many firms now subcontract most or all of the work on pools they sell. Ideally, each phase can be completed by professional specialists in their field and all the office needs to do is coordinate them. Realistically, a slightly different version of that business model exists. If building pools was easy, there would be a lot more competition, but understanding the tremendous quantity of morons doing it, how complicated can it actually be? Problems constantly arise when working on pools, trust me. If these problems are not addressed promptly and correctly, bigger problems are born. The bigger problems exist usually because of bad decisions. Bad decisions are made by people with not enough experience, little regard for the customer or the job, or a combination of both. Almost always, this leads to a bad experience for the consumer. So, with all the pool companies the consumer has to choose from these days, what are the best qualities a consumer should look for? First, pick a contractor who comes from the hole and isn't afraid to get back in it! A contractor who does a lot of the work himself is your best bet. Second, make sure he oversees any work done by others. A contractor that is always at the job site is likely to catch any problem right away and provide immediate solutions.

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