An "Act of God"?

Call it writer’s block, I suppose, but it doesn’t go unnoticed that updates to this rant section I got going are becoming rare.  Face it, although pool refinishing isn’t rocket science, it IS a science, although with a finite amount of useful information.  Blah blah.  Good news though.  I am pretty caught up with my schedule and it is only a month to start new jobs.  Just a few months ago it was up to three months.  Thanks to the usual summertime slow period, the batteries in my pager have been on sabbatical.  Thank goodness.  I hate that darn thing.

I figured out what it means by “an act of God” this year because it happened twice to my customers.  I’m not talking about weather either, but I will say that “Mother Nature” is to be respected and not argued with.  This is what happened a couple of months ago.  We were finishing up a riverside job and I was sitting in a customer’s lounge chair admiring the view.  My eyes were drawn to a fairly large black bird being chased down by a very aggressive and much smaller bird.  This little pain in the tail was nipping at the bigger bird while swooping all around the yard.  It was entertaining to witness this dogfight until I saw what appeared to be bird poo being frightened right out of the bigger bird.  Fear set in as I realized that ground zero was right in the middle of the shallow end floor!  Yikes! Bird poo in fresh cement stains as quick as red wine spilled on white carpet, and as difficult to remove.  You do the best you can in these situations, and an understanding customer is gold!  Can someone tell me with certainty if this is an “act of God” or just “Mother Nature” in action?

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