More on High Ph

I would like to elaborate on the reaction that occurs between new pool cement-based finishes and fill water. As stated in a previous “pondering” about the dreaded “plaster dust”, we know that the water ph will be high and stay that way for awhile. Initially, only small amounts of muriatic acid should be added because ph will go back up. Even after the dust is gone, the ph may stay high for up to a month or more as the cement finish fully cures. This gets dicey because high ph over time has a tendency to cause calcium to precipitate out of the water and mineralize all over everything! The problem lies in the probability that the pool owner has long ago stopped the daily brushing of the pool surfaces and may have stopped adding acid. This is not good. The tell-tale signs of an initial calcium attack are floating white crystals and a very rough sandy build-up on everything. At this point the calcium is still loose and can be man-handled with a stiff and vigorous brush. Ignored for a longer period and this stuff hardens and bonds to the surfaces. Bad. 

Pools vary and it’s unpredictable which ones will be dustier than the next and who will have extended ph problems. I’ll be the first one to tell you that I’m not a chemical or physics genius and opinions vary whether I’m an “expert” on anything. One thing is certain though, ph has to be controlled to some degree and problems will be frustrating. I’ve spoken with many pool “professionals” and we all agree that ph control at this curing stage is baffling. I believe large doses of acid can only be added after the first three or four weeks of small dosages to do any good. Any sooner and acid is wasted. I’d invite any pool expert who has a reliable routine to contact me and share their thoughts.

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