Estimates: Why they vary

Let me try to shed some light on why resurfacing estimates vary so greatly from company to company. The bigger and more diversified companies with tons of marketing expenses and payroll generally give much higher estimates than smaller companies. The reason is because they already have a large customer base with established pool cleaning service contracts. It goes something like this. The pool boy says it’s getting harder to keep the pool water in balance because the finish is deteriorating, and oh by the way, we can resurface it for you too. The customers ask for a price and the salesman comes out and gives them one. If they are pleased with their present pool service, they may be unlikely to get other estimates. From that revenue, they will be paying the salesman’s salary or commission, which might be a couple hundred dollars. So where is the value for those extra thousand dollars or so the customer is paying? Are they using the most expensive and experienced craftsmen in the area? Are they buying the most expensive and best materials and tile available? Or are they extremely wasteful, inefficient, moronic, etc.. You can bet the customer will never get any added value, for sure.

I lose pools to unlicensed guys and to subcontractors that do the finish work for new pool construction companies, like the company I was just talking about. The magic number seems to be $600. Why that amount you ask? That’s because that is roughly what the cost of the finish material is. What the sub’s do is sometimes take some if not all the leftover bags of cement from previous pools and stockpile them in their warehouse. After a week or two they have enough bagged goods to do a pool with. So, they get a job by being the low bidder and use these free bags. They didn’t pay for them and neither did the customer. That fat cat new pool builder did and he probably even bid on that resurfacing job he lost to his finishing sub! 

Depending on which area you live in and what kind of pool companies you get estimates from will vary your prices. Personally, I don’t like certain areas because I’m always the high bidder. I’ll never get these jobs so I won’t even go there. Not that I’m overpriced either. It’s because there’s a lot of free bagged goods stored up there!

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