O.K. people, I gotta tell you something. Why the heck do you work so hard and long for your paychecks, only to plunk it all down on one contractor to do ALL the work? Just because you don’t want to deal with more than one guy on your pool renovation isn’t a good reason to do business this way. Why get lazy now? Don’t you realize that no pool man exists (or walks erect) today that has twenty years or more direct hands-on experience doing each of the specialized trades...interior finishing, deck finishing, tile setting, brick coping, pavers, concrete, etc... If you hire a jack-of-all-trades who does everything himself, chances are very good that at least one of the phases of construction on your pool will become part of his learning curve. If you really get lazy and hire one general contractor who will subcontract some or all of the finish work, you KNOW he’s pocketing some extra coin to cover his butt just in case. OR, you could do the SMART thing and take a little extra time to talk with specialists in their fields ONLY! That means you get the best specialists at a lower cost who actually make sure the job gets done right the FIRST time. If you want a paver deck, hire someone who does pavers for a living. Acrylic decking, same thing. Do yourself a favor and hire guys that do it every day and maybe even in their sleep. However, if you have a money tree in your backyard, roll the dice. Hope for the best and expect the worst. 

Question--If a company advertises that they do everything, and say they are “resurfacing specialists”, does that mean they try hard at everything else? Or maybe they just suck. I see lots of pool cleaning companies that now specialize in resurfacing pools. Let’s see, would you let your maid remodel your kitchen? Don’t think so. Cement is an animal that will bite your butt if you don’t know what you’re doing. Once you get it wet, it starts to get hard. And if you don’t get it right before it sets up, what you see is what you get! Period. 

I just had a contract canceled by the pool owner who decided to marcite his pool himself. OMG!! For his sake, I hope he was just too shy to tell me he changed his mind about hiring me. The average apprentice in pool plastering usually has to practice in 50 or more pools before he even begins to figure out the science. Oh well, he’ll just have to wear shoes when he goes swimming!

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