Liability Insurance

As required by law, licensed contractors have certain minimum amounts of commercial general liability insurance. In order to keep overhead down, many contractors have their premiums based on the minimum amounts and hope nothing bad happens. Some don’t even have insurance at all! Does your pool man have business insurance? You better make sure he does.


Another thing...Remember my pool popping lesson from a couple days ago? Well, insurance companies are taking bigger hits these days and they are not content with losing those profits. They are getting greedier and are now fully aware of pools coming out of the ground. So, they now have exclusions spelling out (in chinese, of course) losses they will not insure. Guess what they won’t cover? Pool popping, of course. So, the insurance companies that will even touch a pool contractor will offer under Broadened Property Damage Coverage a “pop-up” endorsement. What the ....? Let me repeat, a “pop-up” endorsement! If your pool contractor does NOT have a “pop up” endorsement, and he “pops” your pool, EVERYONE including YOU, gets “popped”! Not a pretty picture, trust me.


I won’t begin to get into how your poor pool man is going to make you happy once your pool gets this way. So, I’ll just tell you how to reduce your risk. First, only deal with state licensed pool contractors. Second, make sure he has enough insurance to make you sleep better and it has to have a “pop up” endorsement.


Guess what happens around here? Some pool companies think they have it, and don’t. Some don’t have it, and tell you they do. Some won’t have it, but if they risk not getting a contract with you, they will get a one-pool deal with their insurance company to cover your pool only. Sure, not all pools are in danger of floating and I don’t want to spread unwanted fear into all the unsuspecting pool owners. I’m just making you aware of what goes on and what can happen. As a businessman, I had to decide my own level of risk and comfort. It was worth it for me to just about double my insurance costs to show my past, present, and future customers that I’m serious about the way I conduct myself and the business. In seeking out a professional to work on your investment, you too have to decide your level of risk and comfort. Do your homework and sleep.

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