Pool Popping

O.K., it’s time for Pool Popping 101. Today, I will tell you about a nightmare that can happen to your pool, your pool man, and YOU! When a pool is emptied, believe it or not, the force of the ground water, called hydrostatic pressure, can force the pool out of the ground. This is called pool popping. The pool shell can sometimes crack and usually breaks the pipes around the pool. Folks, this is absolutely the worst thing that can happen. At the last insurance seminar I attended, I was told that in Florida an average of one pool every day “floats”. 

There are various dynamics involved. Ground water levels vary in Brevard with Satellite and Indian Harbour Beach having two of the highest. If the level of the ground water, or water table, is three feet beneath the ground surface, and your empty pool is six feet deep, that means about half of the pool is underwater. You know what that means? Your pool is now a boat! The weight of the concrete and steel is just about the only thing that will keep the pool from coming out of the ground. When a pool is filled, the weight of the water is so great that a pool won’t float. But, beware when taking that water out! Smaller pools and higher ground water levels involve greater risk, but no empty pools are immune from some kind of risk. 

So, what does a contractor do to keep a pool in the ground when resurfacing? Simply, he has to lower the level of the ground water by pumping it out away from the pool area while draining the pool. When a pool is empty, the ground water level should be below the level of the main drain. 

I employ various methods of controlling ground water that I won’t get into now, but risk assessment, experience, and a truckload of common sense will keep a pool from popping. Folks, pick your pool man carefully. 

Ever wonder how they get the pool back into the ground?

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